[] WarPack UPDATED!

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[] WarPack UPDATED!

Password file: 123456

What has changed: It is not fixed to the scope for TU – put another model instead of a sphere – a striped game. Focus on her yet. After a few days to make that marker and obstacles will display the TU
And now about the description of the – how to play with the mod:
First – go to the settings of the game and clear shot with the display flight of the projectile with the middle mouse button. SWITCHING TO ART mode and back – middle mouse button. If you do not turn on or off ART MODE – REMOVE CAPTURE PURPOSE (EVEN IF she left will light) and then start fighting and you have two game modes. Either the old fashioned way in sniper mode (but in the game it’s called like artillery) shoot red sphere shows the point of preemption (TU), or in my ART mode to shoot at the end of the blue line of pre-emption (in the picture indicated by the red arrow). Markings on the mode: – The green line shows the direction of the instruments of your ship to the target point (to ART regime was about you can see where now there is a sighting). At the end of the green line is drawn Blue Cross. it is necessary to ensure that from the height it easier to see the place of impact. – violet color appears the old trajectory of the target ship. It may be necessary to assess the maneuver enemy. – Blue color displays trajectory anticipation. – Your ship is indicated by a green circle with the arrow in the middle. To high altitude is better to recognize its direction of motion. – The ship of the enemy is designated red circle with an arrow in the middle. To high altitude is better to recognize the direction of the enemy. – The red lines running from the enemy ships in the direction of your ship indicate something like a laser pointer. In order to make it clear that the enemy ship aims at you. Now, about avtopritsel: If you want to shoot yourself, then you have to shoot the red field of pre-emption in sniper mode or on the blue line ART mode. If you want to hold down the fire to not shoot hands and aiming to take specific enemy ship to capture do the following: Move to the right sight of the enemy ship in the game (the center of the screen) to the marker desired enemy ship appeared white circle, indicating that now the game will keep track of this ship. Once the marker enemy ship appears sighting mark, then as my ART mode at the same time displayed a pink old path of enemy ships and blue – the trajectory of pre-emption, and in sniper mode will be visible red sphere anticipation. If after these actions, press the right key mouse (by the way fashion is the key can not be changed) – the seizure happens target ship. You will then see the animation white arrows on the marker captured enemy ship. Now, you can hold down the fire and watch where the flying projectiles. Removed grip – as the right mouse button. What way is written in the chat. Do not worry – no one except you will not see it. And the last thing to say about the sight. That’s – that the key “U” – changes the type of calculation anticipation. Linear pre-emption – good for the purpose of moving in a straight line. But if the goal of beginning to fold it with such anticipation shells may lie behind the stern of the ship. So I made ​​a combined pre-emption, which allows for the moment. But at the moment I saw it at the bugs moving target backing and very slow motion with the rotation. Define this bug is simple: If the blue line (curve) is drawn too far from the enemy ship (in a couple of buildings away to the side, not on the bow of the ship). In this case – remove the grip and aim for hands. The test will be available 7 days from the date of publication. those. up to 10 numbers.

Unpack a convenient place for you.
The editor opens settings.xml
Section ExePath inscribe their way to WorldOfWarships.exe
Should look like this <ExePath value = “C: \ Games \ World_of_Warships \ WorldOfWarships.exe” /> Specify your way.

UPD: checked, modification works as described. But the installation at your own risk. // admin

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What is this mod use for

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  1. Maverick966 says:

    How to install it?

  2. Maverick966 says:

    Can someone answer me please?

  3. Oblom says:

    Unpack a convenient place for you.
    The editor opens settings.xml
    Section ExePath inscribe their way to WorldOfWarships.exe
    Should look like this Specify your way.

    Did! Then what?

  4. Muffin says:

    i want to know that too.

  5. Muffin says:

    and what after that? only start game or start the exe or what?

  6. Maverick966 says:

    Should I put all 3 files in res mods?

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