[] WoWS modpak MTD – ProShips

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[] WoWS modpak MTD – ProShips

ModPak MTD version – involves modification of z1ooo & Alatriste, the big fans of the game World of Warships. Players can choose their own they need modification from a huge list. In the collection of mods includes the following modifications:

Ultra Fog Remover – modification allows you to remove all the smoke out of the game;
GunMarker – the main gauge marker;
Colorful information icons;
Bystrodok – allows players to change the appearance of the docks;
ChangeColor – highlighting torpedoes;
Minimap – set thumbnail for World of Warships;
Sixth Sense – highlighting enemy ships.

[] WoWS modpak MTD - ProShips

As a bonus, the developer modpaka added some graphics functions. Players will be able to choose the flag for ships to change the sights, as well as change the color of the cursor. Using ModPaka MTD will allow players to ease the serious gameplay.

In addition, in the modification entered modpaka GhostBow, which is designed to change the game servers. It is worth noting that modpak contains several alternative mods. Alternative modification is better not to combine. At any time, all the modes can be reinstalled.

Fixed in
1) Fixed a compatibility mode Full Tree ships. Now you can see the performance characteristics of ships, which is not currently for sale.
2) Fixed the wrong display of icons from Hootorez.
3) temporarily remove modification “Training room + hours at the port.”
4) Added mod “Training Room”.
5) Added mod “Go CAPS fonts in the names of the ships” from Johann_Mohr.

1) Run the installation the exe file
2) check the boxes interest mods
3) Click “Install”.

The author decided to rename its modpak on “ModPack ProShips”. This is the same modpak MTD, only now under the new name.

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What is this mod use for

Are you a dedicated fan of World Of Warships? To motivate you even more, we have a special offer – world of warships mods. These mods are additional features and can improve the quality of your game significantly. Take a look to our WoWS mods list and pick your choose. Your ship battles can become much more thirilling and successful in just few clicks. Give it a try and more fun is guaranteed. Get ready!

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