[] point preemption (! UPDATE!!)

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[] point preemption (! UPDATE!!)

Update version 20.10 for the patch
“preemption point” under the Patch V0.5.0.3

What has changed?
Installation is the same as before. Unzip the archive into the game folder in /res_mods/
The client in the graphics options include the option to “reduce the refresh rate of the interface.”
If the game client has been started, then restart it.

No more need for any calculations, but some steps need to be taken.
To get a visible marker and get the right zoom mode. Switch to binoculars -> Move the sight at the maximum distance range and press the “Home” key and that’s it, your Fashion ready.
“Maximum distance” – the distance at which you can get an eye on the water regime of binoculars without running into obstacles (mountains, and so on. d.)
The first time you change the type of ammunition you need to repeat these steps. Zoom -> Maximum distance – > button “Home”. To turn off preemption point, press “End”. To return to the point of pre-emption – Zoom -> Maximum distance -> button “Home”. The only value that can be changed to adjust in the config file is . Increase – unless your shells falling from the flight for the purpose and to reduce – if you fall in front of her with undershoot.

Config. Instructions:
To edit the config file aim.xml recommend using Notepad ++. Make a backup copy of the file before you start editing.
The configuration file is loaded at the beginning of each battle, so you can not restart the game client for zagruzkivnesennyh aim.xml changes to the file. The token is too low for all vehicles? Maud configured for screens with a resolution of 16: 9 If you use your monitor with an aspect ratio of 4: 3, then change the settings in the config file to: 9.6 15 For other proportions you must find these values ​​by trial and error. The first change parameter , to move the marker to the desired height, then change to set the correct length of the marker. By increasing the value of token moves up. By increasing the parameter token value becomes longer. Author fashion tried to do everything possible to put in the config correct values ​​for all ships, but he is an ordinary man, and may also oshibatsya.Avtor not tested long events, and played with him a couple of fights , so that errors can be.

If you notice something like a marker in the wrong position (too high or too low). Author fashion try to fix it.
Tenryu, Kuma and Colorado – these ships can draw a marker in the wrong position. The author knows that scripts must be treated to get rid of this error.

How to install:
Unzip the archive into the game folder in /res_mods/ and to include in the game settings box “interface to reduce the frequency of updates.”

Videogayd for setting config. There are subtitles if you do not understand the action in the video. And turn the translator into Russian subtitles.

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What is this mod use for

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  1. ERROR404 says:

    I think this mod ain’t working?

  2. hmm says:

    Not Working …

  3. WoWS community says:

    We updated mod. Added more information, how to install and VIDEO to description. Please download now and follow instruction bellow.

  4. Jo says:

    How can I use the addons if I played a version in or lower?(only for training room)

  5. Matheus luan says:

    when will come out the version to 1.5.1 ?

  6. Chris says:

    pls update the mod. 🙂

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