[] Bruno’s IJN Ships Correct Names Pronunciation Mod

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[] Bruno’s IJN Ships Correct Names Pronunciation Mod

This is a list of the affected ships and the changes:




*Note: The name of the Kongou was not changed to Hiei due to the name-class is the correct, but the ship is not the correct. If someone want a adapted ver to display the name Hiei on the ship, just ask me. The name Zao was changed due to the fact that i dont like the name and a lot of people over there will say the same, maybe that is why was changed to the original name that was used by the ship in her introduction: Senjou.

There exist two pronunciation/writing versions of this Mod, one is the OU Form and the other the Ō Form. Both are the Basic version of this mod enabled to the english client

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What is this mod use for

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